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Sunday Stock-up 1: A Butternut Squash Affair


Ah, Butternut Squash, how much do I love thee?  Let me count the ways!
Savory, sweet, comforting, healthy and…dare I say, sexy, with those ample flesh-toned curves…
but I digress…

Let’s steer our undying adoration of this wonderful fall staple past creepy, straight on the culinary path to deliciousness.
In this, the first installment of Sunday Stock-up I will take you through breakfast, lunch and dinner with our star ingredient, the smooth, sultry, versatile,  Butternut Squash.  You’ll marvel over how few ingredients have to be paired with this fabulous fruit to bring out all the aforementioned qualities.

The following 3 recipes could all be very happily consumed in one day,  but I prefer to stretch these meals throughout the week in an effort to save time and money.  Taking a few hours out of my Saturday or Sunday to prepare several of the following weeks meals allows me to delve into my cooking passion without breaking the bank or mangling my schedule.  Besides, who really has the energy to serve up an delicious, nutritious, home-cooked meal after 8 hours on your feet?  I sure as hell don’t!

So without further ado,  THE RECIPES!

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